December 2017

De Beers announced on December 14, 2017 that as a result of the on-going evaluation of Snap Lake Mine since 2015, De Beers would begin preparation for the Final Closure of the Snap Lake Mine.

De Beers intended to file a Final Closure and Reclamation Plan in 2019 after conducting additional engagement with the community partners and finalization of engineering studies.

October 2017

De Beers submitted a renewal request for Land Use Permits (LUP) MV2010-D0053 and MV2014-D0010 on August 25, 2017.

Type A Land Use Permit MV2017D0032 was granted by the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board on October 12, 2017.  The application was exempt from preliminary screening, and the LUP had been approved for a period of five years commencing October 12, 2017 and expiring October 11, 2022.


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